Rhinestone Flexible-Collar-Necklace

Gerri's Distinct Wearables

$ 49.50

Style #12522... An attention getting flexible collar Rhinestone Necklace. Dazzling enough to turn heads for a closer look & start conversations on how you’re wearing it.  1.5" at widest point. Flexible & adjusts to fit most necks. Plated Sterling Silver. Price:  $49.50 each. - Free Shipping.

Customer Testimonial & Review

"Dear Gerri,

The necklace complimented my dress beautifully! I can’t tell you how many compliments I got that night. Mostly by males who were intrigued by a piece of jewelry that was unfastened. Like: ‘I’ve never seen an open ended necklace,’ and ‘Your necklace lights up your face,’ and, ‘Is that really a necklace? It looks like a piece of art.’”
- Dr. L.P. Williams
San Diego, CA


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