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Powerful Keys to Fashion,  Beauty & Wellness A Mini Fashion eCourse

Powerful Keys to Fashion, Beauty & Wellness A Mini Fashion eCourse

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The goal of this mini-course on fashion, beauty, style, fitness and wellness is for you to improve, add to, and discover the ways you can enhance your image and self-esteem. This brief journey provides glimpses into the world of style and the way fashions are created and presented.

Lessons One through Seven act as a way to enhance and refresh your wisdom, memory, and knowledge of fashion. Lessons Eight and Nine highlight your fashion buying habits and tempts your imagination with a bit of magic to bring out your fashion uniqueness. Lesson Ten is an inner journey to your inspirational excellence.

The “Powerful Keys to Fashion, Beauty and Wellness” course serves as a bridge that links your knowledge, self-esteem, experience, and individual style to the fashion world. It intends to motivate your creative desire to learn that there is more to fashion that lies beyond your imagination.

Your self-image is a powerful force! It is your natural birthright to excel and be your best self at all times. To maintain the highest level of self-confidence and self-esteem, dressing well is a part of it. Not only is it your right but, think of it as your privilege.

Dressing, looking, and feeling well at all time adds to your sense of pride. From the very first impression others get whenever they meet, greet, and observe you - whether it is for the first time or, after it’s been a long absence - it is important to look great. And when that first impression is a good one, it makes you and the other person feel good just knowing and meeting you!

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