Fashion Article: "Do Clothes Really Make the Person?"


Clothing can be imaginative, decorative extensions of the body and designed to intrigue, please, and amaze both the wearer and the observer. How does your clothing determine your personality? Does the clothing you wear tell the truth about your character? Here are a few brief views on how clothes really make the person.

Fashion Movements

Because fashion is always changing, sometimes too fast, and other times, too slow, most changes are not made on purpose, or by one or more designers. These changes come from the conditions of the state of the economy that affects those needs, wants, and acceptance of the consumer. What is being offered by designers and producers creates the need for change and new directions.

Changes also come about from less dramatic causes. Many consumers grow bored with what they have; get tired of the same colors and fabric choices. Something new and different appears to be refreshing.

Wealthy, influential, and famous people desire change even more quickly. In some entertainment and Hollywood circles, to wear the same outfit twice would surely get the wearer’s feelings, and possibly their reputations hurt, too.

The definition and concept of fashion, then, may be the continuing process of change in the style that is accepted or followed by a substantial number of people at any given time and place.

The first thing you should note about the change in clothing is that they are not a mere cover or an extra layer of skin. Nor are they planned solely for protection from wind and weather, and the preservation of decency. Instead, clothes are imaginative, decorative extensions of the body, designed to intrigue, gratify and amaze both the wearer and the observer.

Clothes are living vital creations. These inventive and sometimes expensive gatherings of silk, wool, cotton, and synthetic blends that you have hanging in your closet are not “clothes” as long as they remain in the closet.

They become clothes only when you put them on, move in them, and live in them. Since the first cave woman adjusted her bear-skin, clothes have passed through many interesting changes and are constantly built around a living, moving body.

How Clothing Shapes Your Body

Clothing is a decorative extension of the body. Fashion clothing in good quality fabrics, provides you with a variety of choices. Your choices can be bold in one area of the body, and less daring in another. When in the extreme, your choice can also force good or unpleasant gossip, or start a new trend.

It is not just the role of clothing to tell the truth about the body and the wearer. For example, clothes can emphasize a more favorable part of the body and pass over the unfavorable parts. With some styles like the maxis and the midis, or the bulky tops, you have to hunt for the waist, the hips or the bust line that is actually hidden with the fabrics.

Clothes actually enhance the body with their fantastic shapes, styles, and colors. That is why when you see fashions in catalogs or on a model parading down the runway, it provides a key to your way of choosing what and when to wear certain styles.

How does your clothing determine who you are? Whether you dress to hide a flaw, or to emphasize your beauty, do it with thought and be sure to exercise your own taste.

Author, Gerri D Smith

Copyright, 2014


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