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Gerri"s Distinct Wearables is your online resource for designs created by Gerri for that certain woman who knows how important it is to care about her image, her style, as well as her inner beauty. Gerri’s Distinct Wearables are for women who share a love of all things truly elegant. Most of Gerri’s accessory creations are one-of-a-kind. Others are limited to a few designs made from unique materials and unusual objects that she collects and recycles form discoveries at craft and jewelry expos. The workmanship and value of her designs are more important than the price.

So why not add a bit of sparkle to your day or evening wear and stand out from the crowd? Give a unique hand-crafted accessory gift to a loved one, or keep it for yourself. Buy now. Be bold! Be beautiful! Be extraordinary! Above all - Be good to yourself. And to receive up-dated news of her new creations, click the link and subscribe to her monthly inspirational and fashion related blog. Thanks so much for your support



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