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A Challenge of Love

A Challenge of Love

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An inspirational novel, invites you to challenge and push your comfort level to a new high. Gerri weaves words into emotional triggers that give you hope, make you dream, and may change your life. Her words can lead you to a vision of your next great accomplishment. Words can change the way you think, act and feel about yourself and others. Words are powerful. Words are magical. They can be positive. They can be negative. They can make you rich, and they can make you poor. They can bring you to tears, or make you laugh out loud.

Part One of "A Challenge of Love" is a story that takes place in 1980, and is based on true events of an age old problem that is still very prevalent today. Domestic abuse. In all its ugly forms, abuse continues to haunt our society.

Telling my story in both a true and fictionalized version served as therapy for emotions that remain as real and distressful to me now, as anything I've ever experienced. In writing it, I wished to share it with others who may be going through similar situations.

Part II is the imaginative conclusion of the story that tells about Dorri's inner turmoil in dealing with her past. She impulsively winds up with loser after loser and finally realizes how difficult it becomes to accept the love of another man. She almost loses out on what could be a fulfilling solution to her life and her challenge to love again.

The twists and turns of the story envelopes the reader with daring thrills and heart wrenching chills along with Dorri. It ends giving the reader a warm and happy glow that I hope may serve as a challenge to other women, and let them know that self-esteem is her right. It should never be given up to an abuser.

Encouraging words can enhance your everyday life to be more positive, fulfilling and special. In knowing that an optimistic attitude is critical to success, Gerri responds to life with a positive, confident, and grateful determination. In doing so, she is more than willing to support, teach and give her best to others. To give is to love, and love is the true spirit of the universe.

If you know someone who has experienced abuse -whether it's social, domestic, emotional, physical, or mental this makes a great gift. Or, keep a copy for yourself. 

When you purchase a copy directly from my online store at, the price of $25.99, it includes Free shipping, and will be personally autographed by me - and - there's more - you also receive a sample gift from my accessories collection, just for ordering! Keep the gift yourself or give to a friend, relative, or another important person in your life! 

Be good to yourself. Buy your copy now.

Thanks so much for your support. May you always be blessed!

Gerri D Smith, Author



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