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Bringing Forth Your Hidden Talents

Gerri D Smith
Copyright February, 2016

“The power of thought is the only thing over which any person has complete, unquestionable control- - a fact so astounding that it points to a close relationship between the mind of man and the Universal Mind of Infinite Intelligence, the connecting link between the two being FAITH.” Napoleon Hill

* Patience. Learn to be patient with yourself. It takes time and effort to learn anything new. Whenever you discover something new within you that you’ve never considered doing before, take heart and go for it. You’re about to get on with your higher destiny. Test these new feelings about your inner self. You will discover new strengths you can use to drive you forward. Successful people do this all the time. This establishes a pattern of great behavior that you may not have known until you try it.

* Passion. Be driven by your passion to discover new abilities. With inner passion or desire, there is nothing that is too difficult to do. Passion forces you to overcome obstacles and forces you to act. This is another step to successful living. Life isn’t limited to having to do the same things over and over again. Stretch your imagination. Find new ways of doings things. Make your life exciting and fun! Be aware. With awareness of your inner dreams and abilities comes the most important reason to choose the direction your life can go.

* Change. You can change your own destiny. There’s no such thing as a hard and difficult life. There are good times and there are bad times. Doing just one thing to change the outcome of a bad situation so that it never happens again comes with practice and experience. Remaining calm and confident when in a difficult situation provides you with the help you need to do the best you can. Form a mental picture of the way you wish the challenge to be resolved and act toward that result. The next time you hear an inner voice of doom and gloom, tell yourself there is a higher authority just waiting to get you out of any anxious situation. Your thoughts have power!

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For well over twenty years, Gerri D Smith combines her many talents as fashion apparel and accessories designer, entrepreneur, and creative writer. On the design side, creating elegant and distinctive designs is her on going passion. In Gerri’s words, "It is always a loving challenge to create and/or find unique accessories that can highlight your appearance and beauty as a woman." On the writing side, Gerri loves to motivate and challenge you with words of wisdom and inspiration. Visit,

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The Power of Enthusiasm

“Enthusiasm powers successful living.” - Norman Vincent Peale

Where do you suppose the word ‘enthusiasm’ gets its meaning? It comes from two Greek words EN and THEOS. EN means ‘IN’ and THEOS is the word for ‘GOD.’ So actually the word enthusiasm means IN GOD, or FULL OF GOD. 

Then, the power of enthusiasm may mean, “ being full of God and staying that way.” Whenever you go through misfortunes in life, your enthusiasm may shatter for a moment or two. If you don’t have the power to confront misfortune, it’s difficult to bounce back.

The smallest hurt can cause great harm. It can affect your health and well-being. It may shut you off from family and friends. And it may affect your business relationships.

The lack of enthusiasm works against you. When you have it, it works magic. Enthusiasm is best when you let it come naturally and from your heart. It makes you feel powerful. Try it! Wouldn’t it be nice if it could be bottled? Or made available in prescription form? 

Enthusiasm is an acquired skill, so a prescription isn’t necessary. It’s available to everyone. If you want it to work for you, you must work on your spirit and stay in touch with God. This simply means that all of your power comes from God, the source of your being. 

Therefore, when God is in you, you have the meaning of life and the power to live successfully and enthusiastically. The power of enthusiasm can get you through many problems, ill-health, worry, and disappointing experiences. It increases your physical vitality; it keeps you  going when you think you haven’t  any strength left. 

Have you ever noticed that when you are enthusiastic, it’s contagious? Many times when you are pleasant, upbeat, excited, or express passionate behavior, you pass it on to others, too. You stimulate and attract others to you--which are good behaviors to pass along. For a successful business and a successful personal life, decide to be enthusiastic. Make yourself enthusiastic by affirming it, thinking it, creating it, and continuing  to express it. You become a different person because of it.

Where does this source of enthusiasm come from? Enthusiasm starts from having a healthy soul. With a healthy soul your outlook is calm, and not easily disturbed. You express good will instead of hate. You are outgoing and not selfish, you are positive and not cynical.

When your faith is unwavering, you are rarely doubtful. You can tap into this source by your achievements. Whether small ones, big ones, or monumental achievements, they are all a cause to express your enthusiasm. Learn to appreciate everything you do along the way to your achievements or your successes. This is where you receive the most pleasure.

Enjoy your successes one at a time. Then plan for your next journey to achievement - and while on your journey choose to be enthusiastic, passionate, and fascinated about your life. Being enthusiastic is a special challenge. You can gain new levels of self-awareness. 

It has the power to change your life. Not only is it beneficial to your happiness, it develops your spiritual well-being. If you’re in business, go out of your way to make sure your customers, your clients, and others you come in contact with have a pleasant day. 

Think happy thoughts. Make it a daily habit to practice being enthusiastic. So go ahead, express your joy - it heals the pain of sorrow, worry and misfortune. It limits the need to feel sad, depressed, or disappointed. Practicing enthusiasm even in the most ordinary things releases its magical power.

Try it - it may work wonders in your life.

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Gerri's inspirational articles, words of wisdom, quotes, and her first romance novel titled, "A Challenge of Love," based on her true experiences, invites you to challenge and push your comfort level to a new high. Gerri weaves words into emotional triggers that give you hope, make you dream, and may change your life. Her words can lead you to a vision of your next great accomplishment. Words can change the way you think, act and feel about yourself and others. Visit,

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