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Your State of Mind

“Here is a simple but powerful rule—always give people more than what they expect to get.” —Nelson Boswell

The more you give away, the more comes back to you. And it doesn’t always have to be with money. You can be rich in other ways: friends, freedom, love, health, hope, and well-being.

All riches, no matter what their nature starts with your state of mind. Your mind is the only thing over which you have complete control. Since you are the one to shape your own thoughts, it's important to discipline your mind to express positive attitudes. In turn, this opens up the flow of riches and blessings to come into your life.

Remember, what you give out you get back- whether it's love, money, harmony --or distress, pessimism, and ill-will. So, in order to get positive results, you have to give out positive feelings. By sharing this message with you, I'm giving out inspiration that may aid you in receiving your abundance. Then, when you express a similar act, or share, or give something to someone else, they must pass it on and on and on until it multiplies and returns to you..

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A Sure Way to Riches

The law of prosperity always works for those who work it.
- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Most Americans take for granted all of the abundance of material possessions and often lose sight of many of the things that are priceless. All forms of riches are available to everyone with a reasonable desire to accumulate them. Yet, the things that money can buy does not guarantee happiness.

Do your best in everything that you do. The big secret to living is having the faith of knowing what you do stimulates the law of supply and abundance. The belief that there is always a sufficient supply of abundance for everybody is more important. Yet, this may not be easy to do if you often express dark thoughts and feelings of lack, pessimism, and negativity.

Practice looking at your life with a brighter view. Optimism is rewarding. Depressive attitudes and negative behaviors restrict the flow of supply and prosperity. Precious energy is wasted with negative thinking. So, practicing positive attitudes as often as you can, causes positive things to happen.

The world is made so that abundance comes to you whenever your thoughts and actions are in harmony with the highest spiritual power. Naturally, if you dismiss your spiritual connection to the law of supply and riches, and when you disconnect from the highest power source, sooner or later you experience something unpleasant in your life.

Riches gained and accepted with gratitude benefits others and continues the flow of abundance. Always showing gratitude for all things is a good habit to develop.

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A Challenge of Love

Read! Encouraging words can enhance your everyday life to be more positive, fulfilling and special. How often do you set aside time to read a good book filled with inspirational words? Reading inspirational and/or educational books adds to your knowledge, and creates different views of life. Reading is also a challenge. It forces you to respond to life with a positive, confident, and grateful purpose. In doing so, you are more than willing to learn, to support, and to help others. By giving your best to others, you also benefit. To give is to love, and to love is the true spirit of the universe. Be bold! Be beautiful! Be extraordinary! Above all - Be good to yourself and read!

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