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Six Ways You Can Be Extraordinary

“Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how awesome you are if you can’t see it yourself?” – Author Unknown

Start by introducing your mind to the way you see yourself. Without realizing it, you may discover you have a hidden talent or two. The fact that your very nature is unique is a gift. It came with your birth.

Your nature is made up of a lot of memories, ideas, facts, fears, doubts, impulses, and desires. Whatever takes place in your life is based on your own choices.

Your nature doesn’t know when you make a bad choice. Yet, you have an inner voice directing those thoughts and choices. And based on your thoughts, you can choose your own destiny.  How extraordinary is that!

Here are six tips to guide your mind and make your life as extraordinary as you choose to do and be:

  1. Be patient with yourself. It takes time and continuous effort to learn anything new. Test your inner strengths. Does it feel right? Successful people do this all the time. It establishes an ongoing pattern of great behavior that you never know you have until you try it.
  2. Develop a value system. Know what’s important to you and treat yourself accordingly. This doesn’t mean that you must become self-centered.  Remember the “Golden Rule.” It works! When you do what is true to your inner self, you win and others around you win.  Success comes more quickly to those who give rather than to those who always expect to get.
  3. Be silent. Your mind has a relationship with a higher power. It is naturally curious and enjoys being given directions. When you wish to know the power that moves freely through your mind, you must be silent in order to experience it. With a quiet mind, you discover practical instructions that serve you well in opening up your thoughts and feelings. Remember the saying: “Silence is Golden.”
  4. Be aware.  This is the most dominating part of your nature. And to be aware, you must think, act, and live in the present moment.  Physical awareness at all times increases your desire to reach your goals. When you are completely aware of yourself and your thoughts and feelings, you can control your experiences. .
  5. Look for opportunities everywhere and in everything.  When going about your day, slow down and become aware of all possibilities that may turn into a creative money-making project. Don’t rush through life looking in only one direction.  Make yourself step out of the ordinary. This is the kind of power that leads to extraordinary adventures.

    Never limit yourself to old patterns created by any doubts your thoughts and visions may lead you. New choices are born everyday. For instance, when watching television, tune into educational channels. Study the crafting networks. Historical and other instructional programs are great learning tools. Read newspapers and magazines not only for the news, but with an awareness of what other people are doing.

  6. Challenge yourself.  When you think you can do something better than what is already in the marketplace or, if you can offer merchandise that is not now available, pursue it. Do not be discouraged if your mind doesn’t cooperate on the first try. Quiet your mind and keep challenging yourself. You may even find another hidden talent. This is extraordinary power

The gift of nature that came with your birth is already extraordinary. As long as you exercise your power to be unique and make choices that are based on your true feelings, nothing is impossible. Stay aware, take time to be silent, and seek opportunities for new ideas to pursue. Then make a commitment to be extraordinary.


Silence, awareness, and opportunity are a part of your true nature. Here are six practical guides to your becoming extraordinary. Challenge your mind to discover your uniqueness, self-confidence

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