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Seven Tips for Personal Success

““To change your position in life, which includes your financial condition, you have to change what is going on inside of you." – Joan Sotkin

What are you better at doing than anyone else? What unique abilities give you a competitive edge? Try these seven tips to get you going, then think of any others that may keep you moving toward your personal best and for your personal success.

ONE - Think in Positives

No matter what you do, whether it is great or small, will be determined by your thoughts. If you think with a defeatist attitude, you tend to achieve failure. Turn this around and train your mind to start thinking with optimistic visions, and you may get successful results. By the thoughts you give priority to, you intentionally create your own successful circumstances.

TWO - Believe in Yourself - and God

Deliberately tune out every negative thought you have about yourself. Focus on your strong points. Think of all the natural gifts, talents, and skills you were born with and picture yourself succeeding . Do not leave God out of the equation. Success can be yours when you and God work together. Do your best, then leave the results confidently to God. That’s faith in action!

Three - Set Your Goal

Write your goal down. Then write down the steps or smaller goals which may help you reach your main objective. Ask yourself, “Is my goal right for me?” Consider all the facts that can lead to your achieving what you desire. However, there is no easy road to success. Learn to deal with problems calmly and rationally. Always find the good in a problem and remember that there is always a way it can be solved - with or without outside help. Learn to organize your time efficiently. Appreciate the “now,” it is yours to use.

Four - Take the First Step

“Do it now,” said W. Clement Stone, a businessman and philanthropist. And the great Chinese philosopher Leo-Tse, once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Take that step and do it now. Good intentions will not give you success. Plan your work, then work your plan. Each step forward is a step closer to your goal. When you link your steps or goals to a clear purpose, with enough passion behind it, you experience success.

Five - Expand Your Desire

A strong desire is extremely important when trying to reach any goal. When your desire is soul deep, you experience a deep hunger for your goal to happen. All the inner forces of your nature act to bring about a realization of your desire. So, direct your thoughts to how successful you wish to be in life. Then put action and faith behind your wish and make it happen.

Success then, begins in your mind. So start thinking success. You can if you think you can. Only positive thinking combined with strong positive feelings, may bring you positive results.

About the Author

Gerri D. Smith combines her many skills as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, author, creative writer, and an online fashion, beauty and wellness guide.

For well over twenty years, Gerri continues to write inspirational, fashion and image improvement articles. Her creative wisdom weaves words into emotional triggers that give you hope, make you dream, and may change your life. Her words can lead you to a vision of your next great accomplishment. For more motivational wisdom and a peek at Gerri‘s semi-autobiographical, and inspirational book titled, “A Challenge of Love,“ visit,

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Copyright - May 2016 by Gerri D. Smith, Author

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The Legacy of Mary McLeod Bethune Is As Necessary Today As It Was 50 Years Ago

"God holds the only key that opens the door to true joy." - Mrs. G. Barnett 

It is so moving and inspirational to read of history as it was made many years ago. I find it so true today as when it was written in 1955 by one of the nation’s African American leaders and symbols of power. Upon her death in 1955, Mary McLeod Bethune left a legacy to the nation in her last will and testament which became one of the great documents of our times.

In her testament she states: 

"I leave you love. Because it is a positive and helpful trait to develop, it builds friendships, relationships, families, and more. Love is more beneficial than hate, injuries are quickly forgotten and healing comes faster. Bethune’s aim was that we must create a world of fellowship and justice where no one’s skin color or religion is held against them. And to love your neighbor not only paraphrases the Bible, but it means to love across the board - - inter-racially, inter-religiously, and internationally. 

"I leave you hope. In order to direct our economic growth, awareness, and political strength toward winning more prosperity and abundance for all, there will be un-going struggles and years of ceaseless striving to do better and to bring about a better world. Bethune believed with all her heart that the Negro race would face a better world.

"I leave you the challenge of developing confidence in one another. Along with prejudice and pressure, minorities are often prevented from accomplishing economic goals by racial blocs and taboos. It became necessary for them to band together for their own economic survival and benefit. Bethune’s confidence was important in getting the necessary pressures removed so that economic separatism would not be tolerated. To this end, and even today, we must help each other as we go along the road to recovery. 

"I leave you a thirst for education. Knowledge is the foundation and criteria of all human beings. We must take full advantage of opportunities for learning and make it the highest priority in our life. Continuing this trend increases untold numbers of strong, purposeful, men and women who are able to see the future with mental clarity.

"I leave you a respect for the uses of power. The world we live in respects power above all things. When directed intelligently, the use of power can lead to more freedom. Yet, if directed unwisely, it leads to destruction. During her lifetime, Bethune saw the power of the Negro grow enormously. However, it was always her first concern that this power be used in human justice. And when some of the barriers were broken it was her hope that man not give support to any groups of people that sought to destroy democracy. We must educate and produce more men and women who are qualified to not only work for themselves, but also for others. 

"I leave you faith. With faith , anything is possible. God makes it so, and He is the greatest power. But also, faith in yourself is the measure of your progress. Some of the greatest figures in the Negro race have been endowed with faith and held together by our leaders. In the 50's it was Frederick Douglas. In the 60's, it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, there are many, but not so great or well remembered as leaders of the Negro race. Times of struggle never cease and progress is often slow, yet today as in the past, faith was and is the constant factor. 

"I leave you racial dignity. This is applicable to all races. We must maintain our human dignity at all costs and at all times. We are all keepers and heirs of a great civilization. We must be proud and fully aware of our place in the world and its continuation. We must make a great effort to share and mix with all races of people. We must make a concentrated effort to be less race conscious and more aware of individual values and human differences. Never let anyone destroy your self-respect, nor must you disrespect another person. 

"I leave you a desire to live harmoniously with your fellow men. In the 1950's, Bethune recognized that the problem with color was worldwide from Asia to South America, and prayed that men would unite to solve them. She wanted to see people conduct themselves naturally in relationships with all races. To understand other races and learn to deal with their different cultures. It is an individual and positive good today, as well as it was in the 1950's. Though, we must not forget our own heritage. 

"Finally, I leave you a responsibility to our young people. The young will have to take over the future management of the world around us. To this end, we must not let them lose their passion for building a world they can live and be better in. They must not be discouraged from setting goals for greatness. And, they must never forget that they will be the leaders of tomorrow. Yet, they will not have learned anything if they do not acknowledge that there is still poverty, that people are still underprivileged, and still live in ill-housing. There is a strong need to change old ideas and ways of doing things, so that our youth are directed to use their future power to bring about good results. 

Mary McLeod Bethune left a legacy to her people that was a philosophy of living and serving. She prayed that her philosophy would be helpful to those who share her vision of world Peace, Progress, Brotherhood and Love. Never is this more important today.

About the Author

Gerri D Smith, author, entrepreneur, and fashion expert  gives you encouraging words to enhance your everyday life to be more positive, fulfilling and special. How often do you set aside time to read a good book filled with inspirational words? Reading inspirational and/or motivational books adds to your knowledge, and creates different views of life. Reading is also a challenge. It forces you to respond to life with confidence and gratitude. In doing so, you are more than willing to learn, to support, and to help others. By giving your best to others, you also benefit. To give is to love, and to love is the true spirit of the universe. Be bold! Be beautiful! Be extraordinary! Above all - Be good to yourself and read! Go to,

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Copyright - May 2016 by Gerri D. Smith, Author

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Bringing Forth Your Hidden Talents

Gerri D Smith
Copyright February, 2016

“The power of thought is the only thing over which any person has complete, unquestionable control- - a fact so astounding that it points to a close relationship between the mind of man and the Universal Mind of Infinite Intelligence, the connecting link between the two being FAITH.” Napoleon Hill

* Patience. Learn to be patient with yourself. It takes time and effort to learn anything new. Whenever you discover something new within you that you’ve never considered doing before, take heart and go for it. You’re about to get on with your higher destiny. Test these new feelings about your inner self. You will discover new strengths you can use to drive you forward. Successful people do this all the time. This establishes a pattern of great behavior that you may not have known until you try it.

* Passion. Be driven by your passion to discover new abilities. With inner passion or desire, there is nothing that is too difficult to do. Passion forces you to overcome obstacles and forces you to act. This is another step to successful living. Life isn’t limited to having to do the same things over and over again. Stretch your imagination. Find new ways of doings things. Make your life exciting and fun! Be aware. With awareness of your inner dreams and abilities comes the most important reason to choose the direction your life can go.

* Change. You can change your own destiny. There’s no such thing as a hard and difficult life. There are good times and there are bad times. Doing just one thing to change the outcome of a bad situation so that it never happens again comes with practice and experience. Remaining calm and confident when in a difficult situation provides you with the help you need to do the best you can. Form a mental picture of the way you wish the challenge to be resolved and act toward that result. The next time you hear an inner voice of doom and gloom, tell yourself there is a higher authority just waiting to get you out of any anxious situation. Your thoughts have power!

About the Author

For well over twenty years, Gerri D Smith combines her many talents as fashion apparel and accessories designer, entrepreneur, and creative writer. On the design side, creating elegant and distinctive designs is her on going passion. In Gerri’s words, "It is always a loving challenge to create and/or find unique accessories that can highlight your appearance and beauty as a woman." On the writing side, Gerri loves to motivate and challenge you with words of wisdom and inspiration. Visit,

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Recipe for Success

"Desire is a tremendous force, and must be directed in the right channels (to work). - Florence Scovel Shinn

Take one cup of Desire,
Mix it well with a heart full of Passion,
Shake in a tumbler of Willpower,
Add a full cup of Thought.
Stir in two cups of Commitment,
Slowly add one heaping spoonful each of Preparation, Ideas, Working Capital, and Fun

Mix and stir all of the above ingredients while adding a pinch of Faith (about the size of a mustard seed), and stir all until well blended.

Then with lots of Action, you will soon start to see the results of your Effort and Hard Work.

If your success doesn't come true the first time, start the recipe over again - this time with more feeling. Discover what you need to do to make the recipe for success work. This places you at the threshold of where you wish to be. Listen to the voice inside of you. Trust the source that comes from a Higher Power. He knows all of your wishes, your dreams, your ideas, and your plans for fulfilling them. You will be guided by the wisdom of the ages.

To do this you must start from a new point of action. Get rid of all doubt, confusion, and fear that prevents you from succeeding and reaching your goals. Then you will no longer react to the negative things in your life, but will live with a purpose, and go forth with confidence. Negative events will have no affect on you or the choices you make.

Pay attention to the guidance you receive. Your "inner ear" will lead you to the right choice and in the right direction. If it's something you desire now, go for it. Fearing to make that commitment will make you loose the opportunity - and it may just be the opportunity of your lifetime.

Feel free to change the "recipe for success" in any way you wish. It's yours to amend so that it fits your desires, your goals, your dreams, your life. Make it important enough to change your life. If you're in business become aware of how you conduct yourself with your clients, associates, employees, your vendors and suppliers. Measure their performance based on the way you interact and/or react with them.

If your performance is negative and critical, change it. If it's positive and uplifting, keep doing it. Try not to confuse or frustrate others. Try not to let others confuse, frustrate or anger you. Be aware of your feelings moment by moment. Do you show anger? Doubt? Fear? Are you judgmental? How can you stop your thoughts from controlling you? Knowing how is the first step to knowing yourself. This leads to empowerment - and success.

Will you do it? Will you actually take this step in faith?

About the Author....

Gerri D. Smith combines apparel design, and creative fashion writing, into a successful business. In business for twenty plus years and lovin' every minute of it - even the ups and downs, Gerri's deep passion for creating women's fashions and accessories is enhanced by her love of writing.

Another of Gerri's passions came true with the publication of her first novel, partly based on her own true life experiences. “A Challenge of Love” deals with the age old problem still  facing our society today – Abuse – in all it's devastating forms . Giving the female character the challenge of her life, and struggles to regain her self-esteem, Gerri weaves words of hope and encouragement throughout the story and  shows how to challenge life and regain self-esteem. More details available at,

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A Sure Way to Riches

The law of prosperity always works for those who work it.
- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Most Americans take for granted all of the abundance of material possessions and often lose sight of many of the things that are priceless. All forms of riches are available to everyone with a reasonable desire to accumulate them. Yet, the things that money can buy does not guarantee happiness.

Do your best in everything that you do. The big secret to living is having the faith of knowing what you do stimulates the law of supply and abundance. The belief that there is always a sufficient supply of abundance for everybody is more important. Yet, this may not be easy to do if you often express dark thoughts and feelings of lack, pessimism, and negativity.

Practice looking at your life with a brighter view. Optimism is rewarding. Depressive attitudes and negative behaviors restrict the flow of supply and prosperity. Precious energy is wasted with negative thinking. So, practicing positive attitudes as often as you can, causes positive things to happen.

The world is made so that abundance comes to you whenever your thoughts and actions are in harmony with the highest spiritual power. Naturally, if you dismiss your spiritual connection to the law of supply and riches, and when you disconnect from the highest power source, sooner or later you experience something unpleasant in your life.

Riches gained and accepted with gratitude benefits others and continues the flow of abundance. Always showing gratitude for all things is a good habit to develop.

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