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Seven Tips for Personal Success

Posted by Gerri D Smith on

““To change your position in life, which includes your financial condition, you have to change what is going on inside of you." – Joan Sotkin

What are you better at doing than anyone else? What unique abilities give you a competitive edge? Try these seven tips to get you going, then think of any others that may keep you moving toward your personal best and for your personal success.

ONE - Think in Positives

No matter what you do, whether it is great or small, will be determined by your thoughts. If you think with a defeatist attitude, you tend to achieve failure. Turn this around and train your mind to start thinking with optimistic visions, and you may get successful results. By the thoughts you give priority to, you intentionally create your own successful circumstances.

TWO - Believe in Yourself - and God

Deliberately tune out every negative thought you have about yourself. Focus on your strong points. Think of all the natural gifts, talents, and skills you were born with and picture yourself succeeding . Do not leave God out of the equation. Success can be yours when you and God work together. Do your best, then leave the results confidently to God. That’s faith in action!

Three - Set Your Goal

Write your goal down. Then write down the steps or smaller goals which may help you reach your main objective. Ask yourself, “Is my goal right for me?” Consider all the facts that can lead to your achieving what you desire. However, there is no easy road to success. Learn to deal with problems calmly and rationally. Always find the good in a problem and remember that there is always a way it can be solved - with or without outside help. Learn to organize your time efficiently. Appreciate the “now,” it is yours to use.

Four - Take the First Step

“Do it now,” said W. Clement Stone, a businessman and philanthropist. And the great Chinese philosopher Leo-Tse, once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Take that step and do it now. Good intentions will not give you success. Plan your work, then work your plan. Each step forward is a step closer to your goal. When you link your steps or goals to a clear purpose, with enough passion behind it, you experience success.

Five - Expand Your Desire

A strong desire is extremely important when trying to reach any goal. When your desire is soul deep, you experience a deep hunger for your goal to happen. All the inner forces of your nature act to bring about a realization of your desire. So, direct your thoughts to how successful you wish to be in life. Then put action and faith behind your wish and make it happen.

Success then, begins in your mind. So start thinking success. You can if you think you can. Only positive thinking combined with strong positive feelings, may bring you positive results.

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