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Paying Attention to You

Posted by Gerri D Smith on

“You can make yourself happy or miserable, it takes the same amount of effort.” Quote by - Ray Bradbury

In almost every part of daily living, your emotions, your attitude and your current circumstances may depend upon the kind of attention you choose for yourself. One or all of these feelings can prevent you from handling a personal crisis. Or, they can lead you to a more pleasurable experience.

Either choice is the same. You have to get above it, over it, under it, or around the situation. Whenever you are faced with a position you are uncomfortable with, learn to see it for what it is. Then think of how you can handle it and make in harmless. Doing this may make it less important and yourself more stronger.

Here are five ways you can pay attention to your emotions, your attitude and your present situation..

1. Stay in touch with what makes you laugh. Go deep within your heart and become aware of what makes you joyful, peaceful, or content. Find more fun things to do, and treat yourself to the those that make you laugh. Do them often. Your heart and health will thank you.

2. Recognize unpleasant situations. Ignoring the cause of an unpleasant problem does not make it go away. To free yourself from the problem, face it and find a solution. Think of what you would like the best outcome to be than work to make that happen. If the problem persists, you may need to seek outside help.

3. What gives you your inner strengths? Are you confident in most situations. Do you display a positive attitude? Do you have a pleasant personality and are you easy to get along with? Testing yourself this way gives you a glimpse of what makes you who you are.

4. Does religion play a part in your life? Are you willing to rely on your faith to get you through tough times? A certain amount of spirituality, no matter how small, may help you. Trust in your faith. Not only does it soothe and quiet stress, it also replenishes your inner strength.

. Pay attention to your appearance. Are you well dressed and hygienic at all times? What image are you presenting to the world? Is ti professional or casual? With the decline in professional dress and the move toward office casual, your wardrobe may not always express what is more socially acceptable. When possible, paying attention to how your visual appearance always has the power to effect others. Whether it’s a good impression, or not, is up to you.

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