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Are You Ready for Success?

Posted by Gerri D Smith on

Are You Ready for Success?

“No one is going to hand me success. I must go out & get it myself. That’s why I’m here. To dominate. To conquer. Both the world, and myself.” – Author Unknown

Everyone I know, and probably everyone you know, dreams of success, riches, and always wants more of what they don’t have. Yet, few really know how to conquer it, including myself. Success requires constant maintenance, preparation, and commitment.

Here are seven ways you can gain riches. Train and test your mind to accept each one so that your life becomes richer and more successful. These seven “laws” include and are not limited to the following:

  1. Be thankful. Express gratitude for everything you have now and everything that is to come. Maintaining an attitude of gratefulness and appreciation for the small things as well as major things makes the universe take notice. Tune your mind to express gratitude.
  2. Be Hopeful. Then use all your power to go after the opportunities that you desire. Aim for the goals that you wish to accomplish, and do all you can do to make each come true. Tune your mind to hope.
  3. Be Loving and Kind. Share your abundance with others. And remember to give back or share with others less fortunate. Whatever you give away will come back to you, sometimes doubled or tripled. Tune your mind to accept love and be kind.
  4. Discover Wisdom. Learn from past failures and mistakes. Be willing to inspire others to use their mind-power to attain riches. By doing so, you gain blessings. Tune your mind to accept wisdom.
  5. Have Faith in Yourself. Backed with faith, your thoughts are powerful. With enough faith your actions are rewarded. Tune your mind to experience faith and accept guidance from a higher, universal source.
  6. Stay Healthy. Reduce as much stress in your life as possible. With poor health and an unfit body, the mind lacks the strength and desire to make good judgments. You also limit positive thoughts, plans, and solutions from entering your mind. Stay tuned to good health habits.
  7. Be Truthful. Know that truth and happiness comes from within; not from owning material possessions. Know that you have a higher power source supplying everything you need in order to live a more successful life. You may draw upon this higher source to get all the necessary guidance and direction you desire.

Remember, while training your mind for success you will discover how to express gratitude. Hope followed with action, wisdom, faith, a healthy body and being truthful in all you do become the benefits. Any one of these may work magic!

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For well over twenty years, Gerri D Smith combines her many talents as fashion apparel and accessories designer, entrepreneur, and creative writer. On the design side, creating elegant and distinctive designs is her on going passion. In Gerri’s words, "It is always a loving challenge to create and/or find unique accessories that can highlight your appearance and beauty as a woman." On the writing side, Gerri loves to motivate and challenge you with words of wisdom and inspiration. Visit,

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