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What Are Your Values in Life?

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“The choice is yours. You hold the tiller. You can steer the course you choose in the direction of where you want to be - today, tomorrow, or in a distant time to come. - W. Clement Stone

Each of us has a built-in memory of potential possibilities You can actually train your mental powers to work for you in any given situation whether it's in the way you dress or speak. Everything is possible with each and every path you take to do it. Once you develop an attitude of strength and confidence, you can learn to do anything you choose.

Focus on results. What do you value? Just knowing that it would be wiser to express positive emotions in your life so that your results are positive, is a worthy cause. Reinvent yourself if you need to become more kind and considerate, less judgmental, and more joyful instead of angry and resentful.

Other worthwhile values and positive attitudes may include:

1. Expressing courage
2. Showing strength when in difficult situations
3. Having respect for others and their points of view if different from yours
4. Expressing gratitude for the small as well as the major things
5. Facing challenges with Self-confidence
6. Developing a forgiving nature
7. Being well-groomed at all times; giving attention to your appearance and
dress (you never know who’s watching you!)
8. Putting your trust in a Higher Power.

When you know where you wish to go in life, motivate yourself and help others do the same. Then take pride in any little step you do that gets you there. Know that you are special and deserve all that life has to offer you.

No one is going to hand you success. The motivation and desire come from within. Your choices in life come from you. But, you must go out and get them for yourself. That’s why you’re here. To dominate. To succeed. To conquer. Both the world, and yourself.

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