How Secure Is Your Knowledge of Fashion?

“ Don’t be afraid to dress up. The greatest aspect of showmanship is looking and acting successful.” – - E. G. Leterman

How confident are you with your appearance and the image you have about yourself? Your clothing can add a great deal to the way you express your image. Having a good, basic sense of fashion style increases your confidence. Perhaps, as you shop for new clothing to go to a special occasion, or even as you plan your own daily wardrobe, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. When choosing quiet, more refined colors like gray, navy, and beige, remember to give them a burst of color either in your accessories, a jacket, your handbag, a scarf, or a sweater. For example, a navy suit comes to life with a gold, yellow, or lavender neck scarf.
  2. Purchase clothing in the best quality fabrics you can comfortably afford. They will last longer and give you extended wearing time.
  3. Take an honest look at your figure. Do you have pluses as well as minuses? Accept all of yourself as you are, or take steps to improve. Love the figure you have and don’t dwell on the displeasing parts.

Some examples may include:

  • If your figure is small or petite, wearing layered styles, in light-weight fabrics won‘t pull your body down. Heavy fabrics tend to make your figure disappear.
  • Tops that have long or loose fitting sleeves give you a taller, lengthier look.
  • Color coordinated skirts and tops, and pant suits, or jumpsuits also give you a longer, taller look.
  • If your figure is large or plus-size, consider wearing vertical stripes, small prints, or small geometric patterns that make your figure look smaller and thinner. Stripes also force the eyes upward making the body appear leaner and less full.
  • Try coordinates or outfits in one color, or neutral tones like black, gray or navy blue. These give your body a slimming effect. Jackets with a loose, longer length cover the hips and midsection, and may minimize the fullness in your hips. Pleated skirts, bright colors, and clinging fabrics also emphasize your hips.
  • If you are overly busty, try to find tops with less detail and wider armholes. Choose fabrics without bold patterns. Choose dresses with simple or plain V-necklines. Avoid necklines with bows or elaborate detail, or tops with bold, shocking colors that emphasize your bust line.

Know Your Style

Naturally, different styles and types of fabrics work for different women. If you practice these basic principles, you have an impressive number of ways to create your own fashion image. For instance:

With separates - select jackets, skirts, and tops that can work together or be flexible enough to allow for mixing and matching. They give you a greater amount of individuality and expression. And they give your wardrobe a more up-to-date look.

With Fabrics - for budget-cutting, choose clothing in fabrics that can be worn year-around, like lightweight wools, jerseys, silks, cottons, gabardines, and some knit blends. Some year-around colors include red, navy, green and grey, camel, beige and black. Pastels are usually reserved for summer months - but fashion rules are never set in stone.

Balance and proportion - keep an eye on the way designers emphasize proportion and try to make your top and bottom outfits balance in color, style, pattern or line. Now, different print patterns can be mixed and worn together that can give you an entirely new look. Balance can also be achieved by choosing and matching colors in your accessories to those in your outfit. And by contrasting one burst of color with a quieter or less vibrant color.

Plan Your Fashion Choices

Before going over your wardrobe, determine what your particular lifestyle is. Where do you spend most of your time? At work? At school? Or, at home? What activity do you do most often? How and where do you go to do them?

Go over all of your day-to-day activities, then look at your weekend activities. Which ones are occasional? Then make a concentrated appraisal of the occasions you wished you had something different or more appropriate.

If you have a real problem coordinating your outfits or balancing colors, and your budget allows it, have a session or two with a fashion or color consultant. It just may help answer your fashion questions.

Lastly, several times during the year check your wardrobe with these fashion basics in mind. Not only will you save time and save money by making choices that work for you, your appearance will improve as well. Knowing the fashion basics may also measure the effect it has on your career, your social life, and your professional success. Be creative!


Knowing your figure, your fashion style, and how to plan your daily wardrobe, is important. Are you confident with your fashion image? Do you know how to coordinate different fabrics and colors to make a fashion statement? Just remembering the basic do’s builds your confidence and your knowledge of fashion.

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