Do Clothes Really Make the Person?

“Elegance is a question of personality, (it is) more than one's clothing.”
- Jean-Paul Gaultier

Fashion is as old as time and as new as tomorrow. The very heart of fashion is a particular style or manner of dress that is accepted by a considerable part of the public. Designers who express certain styles that move a large part of the public start what is known as fashion trends.

The two most commonly known trends are: fads and high-fashion. A fad covers a style of dressing that is short-lived, while high-fashion implies a limited appeal in styles. The high cost of the fabrics and the complicated designs that make up the high-fashion selections, tends to keep these styles out of the reach of the masses.

Designers who are often outstandingly successful in getting recognition for expressing a line, color, shape, or look that is wanted by a large part of the public, maintain a reputation for creating new fashion trends.

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