"A Challenge of Love"
by Gerri D Smith

Available Online

An inspirational love story that tells a story based on one of the most important topics that continue to plague our society today: domestic, emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. The message in the story may help women living in or experiencing abusive situations take steps toward healing. Dorri LaVogue, the main female character suffers abuse at the hands of her husband and fears the retribution of divorce by her strict parents. Finding her faith in love and marriage put to the test, she loses her self-esteem, and her hope of ever trusting the opposite sex again. Throughout the story, all the challenges, twists and turns facing Dorri propels the reader on a journey filled with thrills and surprises. Will Dorri find the nerve to leave her abusive husband? Does she conquer her memories of a marriage gone bad? Is she given another chance at love? Readers are kept guessing and anxious for the rewarding outcome. Learning the power of your self esteem is critical to overcoming the abusive situations. “A Challenge of Love” inspires, entertains, and informs at the same time. Readers are challenged to know and recognize what abuse is, to stop it, and how they may get out of any abusive situation. This story of abuse is loaded with nuggets of wisdom, inspiration, and many challenging moments that bring the power of self-esteem into focus. It has the potential to change your life.

About the Author

Gerri D. Smith combines her many talents as a fashion designer, a small business entrepreneur, a creative writer, and an online fashion, beauty and wellness expert. Her love of sharing, supporting and inspiring women to extraordinary heights of achievement is an on going passion.

For well over ten years, as a writer, author, and publisher, Gerri writes inspirational fashion and image improvement articles, special reports, and fashion courses for that certain woman who knows how important it is to care about her image, her style, and her health. Gerri's first full-length, inspirational, semi-biographical romance novel was originally published in 2004, and an edited edition, reprinted in 2009.

Gerri's inspirational writings are woven into emotional triggers that give you hope, make you dream, and may change your life. Her words can lead you to a vision of your next great accomplishment. They can change the way you think, act and feel about yourself and others. Words are powerful. Words are magical. They can be positive. They can be negative. They can make you rich, and they can make you poor.

In knowing that an optimistic attitude is critical to success, Gerri responds to life with a positive, confident, and grateful attitude. In doing so, she is more than willing to support, teach and give her best to her readers and others. To give is to love, and love is the true spirit of the universe.